Function of Line boring machines

January 4, 2015 Flange facers, Machining, Offshore

lineLine boring machine is a machine used to create holes, grooves, and can be used for expansion and refinement of a hole with very efficient. Equipment Line boring machines are:

  • key Drill
  • estimator Diameter
  • lubrication
  • brace and bit


Tips to choose stone grinding for Line boring machines

December 24, 2014 Offshore, Solutions

line-machineApplies ball mill for grinding all kinds of ores and other materials, widely used in mine-selection, building materials and chemical industries, etc. it can be divided into dry and wet two ways of grinding. According to the different ways of use, it can be divided into a grid type and overflow. (more…)

Cement milling process using Climax FF8200 Flange Facer

December 4, 2014 Flange facers, Machining, Solutions

flancerProduction Process

Cement production requires raw materials that are dry, proportional, and homogenized before being transferred into the combustion furnace. The result of this mixing known as clinker, which is then smoothed with a mixture of gypsum in cement milling to produce OPC or mixed with other additives to produce another type of cement. On average, climax FF8200 Flange Facer approximately 960 kg of clinker to produce one ton of OPC. (more…)

Complete Standard Specifications In situ machining Poland to get better result

November 11, 2014 Climax, Poland

situFunction in Situ Machining Poland: With the squeezer machine / grinder this cane, sugar cane you can squeeze the easy way. Please enter one time only cane to this machine, then you will get the cane juice. With a large capacity of this machine is suitable for milling sugar cane scale enterprises SMEs. (more…)

Cement raw material machining grinding solutions

September 22, 2014 Climax, Machining, Solutions

grindingThe main tool used in the process of milling and drying of raw materials is a vertical roller mill. Drying medium is hot air coming from the cooler and pre-heater. The hot air also serves as a carrier material has been refined to the next process tool.

  • Electrostaticprecipitator
  • Stack
  • Dust bin